Useful Contacts:

When an accident happens, it is easy to suddenly freeze up and not know what to do. Do yourself a favour by printing and placing these  useful emergency numbers on your fridge or some place handy.

Emergency Lines

Emergency Ambulance 995
Police 999
Police Hotline 1800 255 0000
Traffic Police 6547 1818


Non-Emergency Ambulance 1777
Ame 6247 7080
Blesswell 6273 0147
Econ 6382 8888
ER 6222 2995
Green Crescent 6788 8911
Heng Gref 6788 8911
Civic Ambulance 6333 3000

Private Hospitals with Accident & Emergency Service

East Shore Hospital 6344 7588
Gleneagles Hospital 6470 5688 / 6470 5700
Mount Alvernia Hospital 6347 6210
Mount Elizabeth Hospital 6731 2218/19/59
Raffles Hospital 6311 1555
Thomson Medical Center 6350 8812

Government Hospitals with Accident & Emergency Service

National University Hospital 6772 5000
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital 6293 4044
Singapore General Hospital 6321 4103
Tan Tock Seng Hospital
 6357 8777

The Singapore Police guarantees that your 999 call will be answered within 10 seconds, and in urgent cases be on the scene within 15 minutes. For non-emergency matters, you can use the Police hot-line or contact the relevant Neighbourhood Police Centre that the situation is located within. Click here for a listing of Neighbourhood Police Centres in Singapore.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) is an organisation with the main roles of providing rescue, fire fighting, and emergency ambulance services. SCDF emergency ambulance services will take the patient to the nearest public hospital, or also known as a “restructured” hospital. Calling 995 in non-emergencies will result in a fine. For non-emergency medical situations, call 1777 for a private ambulance.

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